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Window 10 CompatibleCitrus Appointment Scheduler is a program that schedules Appointments, at your place of Business. You define your Business as Shop/Repair or Associate Sales based. You create up to 8 Points of Service. Shop/Repair related businesses may have lifts, service bays etc. Associate based might have a stylist, barber, hygienist etc. Associate based companies will track Sales by Associates. You create a list of Services and their associated fees. You can also create Sales items which may be used during an appointment. As you create a new customer account, you can assign the account to an Associate if your business is Associate based. While creating an appointment, you can change the point of service. When creating an appointment, it can be scheduled immediately or stored and scheduled later. Appointments can be rescheduled, deleted and/or invoiced. Other Features are: Generate Sales Reports by Associate Print Daily Work Schedules Create a Service Contract Create a parts list for an appointment Create a Work Order Set Terms and Conditions for repairs Create a Holiday List Account Management (Statements, etc) via Bonus Programs

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